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Important information for all video conference apps


All active participants must use a normal headset with a fixed microphone and earphones when speaking.  Such headsets are available in fully adequate quality in general tech stores.


All active speakers should use a data cable (LAN cable), not W-LAN, nor the mobile phone network. In any case, the cable ensures a better connection than the wireless network.

We offer the following services:


Interpreting and written translation. German, English, Italian, French


Simultaneous interpreting
into German, English and Italian
from English, German, Italian and French.
Organisation of complete interpreting teams in all common conference languages in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany. 
Interpreting on the Internet through collaborative tools.
Translation of written texts into German from English, Italian, French, and vice versa. Our expertise covers all types of corporate communication, business agreements, technical instructions, banking and finance, speeches, politics, classical music, theology, religion, history, art.
Remote interpreting
Cross combinations are also possible, for example from Italian into English and vice versa.
For simultaneous interpreting, two interpreters are required if the duration of the assignment exceeds 30 minutes.
Whispered interpreting is also possible in cases where only one or two people listen.
Consecutive interpreting
in German, English, Italian and French.
The content of a statement or speech is subsequently reproduced section by section or in its entirety in the target language.
Television and radio interpreting


Interpreting in the time of corona


The COVID-19 pandemic poses new challenges for conference organisers, interpreters and exhibition stakeholders. How can we tackle them?
In principle, interpreting services can also be provided at several locations over long distances. Standard video conferencing tools allow consecutive, i.e. time-shifted interpreting via the Internet, generally in sufficient quality.


We can now offer you simultaneous interpreting of events, meetings and conferences with several channels via the Internet. It is not necessary for speakers, participants, the audience, or any other listeners to be gathered in one place. Listeners all over the world can choose on their Internet-enabled terminal whether they want to hear the original sound, an interpretation, or both. This is a recommended option for holding events that have been postponed or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At last!
However, a few rules must be observed.
All active participants must use a normal headset with microphone and earphones when speaking.  Such headsets are available in completely adequate quality for little money at tech stores. Then the audio quality is usually surprisingly good for all listeners!
The audio quality of remote interpreting is poor if any user speaks via landline phone, mobile phone or smartphone. Don't do that!
Our tailored videoconferencing solutions are cost-effective and relatively simple. They  allow both time-shifted consecutive interpreting via a single channel and simultaneous interpreting via several channels. 

Please contact us! We will find a solution. Even in the time of corona.





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