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Important information on video conference systems


All participants, while speaking, must use a standard wired headset with adjustable microphone (also called "headphones"), or a professional high-quality event microphone.


This is the only way to meet the increased acoustic requirements that must be fulfilled when Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) is provided. 


If no such headset or professional event microphone is used, the interpreters can interrupt their work by pointing out this deficiency until the person speaking is provided with such a suitable headset with adjustable microphone, or with an appropriate high-quality microphone. 


All active speakers should use a data cable (LAN cable), not W-LAN, nor the mobile phone network. The cable ensures a better connection than any wireless network.

We offer the following services:


Interpreting and written translation. German, English, Italian, French


Simultaneous interpreting
into German, English and Italian
from English, German, Italian and French.
Organisation of complete interpreting teams in all common conference languages in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany. 
Interpreting on the Internet through collaborative tools.
Translation of written texts into German from English, Italian, French, and vice versa. Our expertise covers all types of corporate communication, business agreements, technical instructions, banking and finance, speeches, politics, classical music, theology, religion, history, art.
Remote interpreting
Cross combinations are also possible, for example from Italian into English and vice versa.
For simultaneous interpreting, two interpreters are required if the duration of the assignment exceeds 30 minutes.
Whispered interpreting is also possible in cases where only one or two people listen.
Consecutive interpreting
in German, English, Italian and French.
The content of a statement or speech is subsequently reproduced section by section or in its entirety in the target language.
Television and radio interpreting


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